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Outsourcing Data Entry For Your Small Business


Outsourcing data entry for your business in 2023 could be a great way for your business to access highly skilled professionals at a fraction of the cost. Unlike past years, outsourcing today is not just about cost saving but allows businesses to access sophisticated provider offerings. But first, let’s define data entry and outsourcing.

What is data entry? As the terms suggest, data entry is inputting raw data into a system. For example, transferring physical documents into an electronic database that authorized people or users can access.

What is outsourcing? Outsourcing is a business practice whereby services or job functions are delegated to an outside party. There are two types of outsourcing – Onshore and offshore. 

Onshore is when you hire talent from within your country, while offshore is when you hire outside your country.

Types of Data Entry

There are different types of data entry that can be outsourced. This include:

  1. Data conversion – this involves converting data from one form to another like converting written documents into digital formats.
  2. Data cleansing – This involves filtering information and removing errors and duplicates
  3. Data classification – This involves categorizing and organizing data according to certain criteria.
  4. Data processing – This involves collecting and modifying information into usable formats, accounting entries and form processing.

Data entry can be a very time-consuming process. If your business deals with a lot of customer data, getting all this information in order can be quite taxing, especially if you’re doing it without any help.

So what are the advantages of outsourcing data entry?

One of the main goals of outsourcing data entry processes is efficient services at a lower cost. What matters most when it comes to outsourcing is saving time and money. Today we’ll be looking at some of the advantages of outsourcing data entry for your small business.

Access to qualified experience 

By partnering with a data entry service provider, whether it’s a person or a team, your business gets access to qualified experience and know-how. These teams or these individuals will get your data organized in the best way possible allowing you to use and access it in a better way.

No need to hire and train resources

If you are doing your data entry in-house, to do it well, there has to be a lot of money spent on hiring, training and even knowledge transfer. When you decide to outsource, however, all these responsibilities are transferred to your service provider

Latest software and technology

Perhaps the most significant advantage of data entry outsourcing is access to the latest software and technology. You are sure that your service provider will give you error-free and efficient data services which allow you to save on the cost of technology if you were going to do it in-house

High data security

Outsourcing data entry for your small business to an established service provider likely means that your data will be 100% secure. At the start, you’ll be able to sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) which means that the service provider has to keep your data confidential.

Tracking data

Tracking data can be quite a task for a small business. Businesses normally receive a huge amount of data daily, and as the volume of data increases, the collection and arrangement of this data become more complicated. It can also become quite costly to manage internally. By outsourcing to a service provider, you can be certain that your data is always updated and available when needed.

Increase your business focus

In today’s highly competitive world, businesses need razor-sharp focus on their primary offerings. All supporting tasks must not become pain points and divert your attention away from the core business. Data entry is an example of this operation that can be a pain point and is always better to outsource to focus on your core business.

Organizational scalability

It is typical that data entry needs fluctuate according to the business. Even after getting all your data organized and digitized, the work can then be reduced. Outsourcing data entry allows any business to hire the needed resources to complete the work only when they are needed – scaling up and down when needed

Optimizing costs

Just like we mentioned before when talking about hiring and training, outsourcing data entry allows your business to save on costs related to training and hiring data entry personnel. Outsourcing can also be more cost-effective in the long run because you can choose the best service provider when you need them.


All in all, outsourcing should allow you to save on time, and costs and ensure that your business is operating efficiently by focusing on its core competencies.

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